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841311 - Motul Engine Oil 8100 X-Lite 0w-30

Gasoline and Diesel engine oil 100% Synthetic Ester Based

Price: $16.50 / Each

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Specifically designed for recent Direct Injection Diesel or Gasoline engines.

Perfectly formulated for our wildly varying Canadian climate. The ester based X-Lite remains perfectly fluid even down to -50 C for maximum protection during the coldest winter starts.


ACEA A3 / B4

VW 502.00 505.00 503.01
Mercedes Benz 229.3

This 100% synthetic engine oil has been formulated, developed and tested according to the most recent technical requirements. It largely exceeds the stringent specified engine performance limits required by the European, Asian and US car manufacturers.

The ACEA B4 standard requests an outstanding detergent/dispersant power and a better viscosity increase resistance due to soot needed for a perfect lubrication of the latest generation Direct Injection Diesel engines (except for VW unit injector engines requiring Motul Specific 505.01 5W-40).

The VW 503.01 standard requires concurrently low volatility, highly efficient lubricant, friction reduction, high resistance at high temperature met in modern engines allowing extended drain intervals managed by the on board computer.

The MB 229.3 standard is more stringent than 229.1 in terms of ageing resistance calling for extended drain intervals managed by the on board computer; detergent / dispersant power (see above ACEA B4) and fuel economy improvement of 1.2% versus a reference 15W-40.

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