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841211 - Motul Engine Oil 8100 Eco-Lite 0w-20

Gasoline Engine Oil 100% Synthetic - Ester Based

Price: $15.50 / Each

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"Fuel economy" engine oil especially designed for recent gasoline powered cars designed to use oil with low friction, very low HTHS viscosity and reduced SAPS.

All Asian and American manufacturers calling for a 0W20 or 5W20.



API SM is backwards compatible over API SL.
The current API SM lubricants provide outstanding oxidation resistance for longer drain intervals, better engine cleanliness from reduced deposits, anti wear protection and enhanced performance at cold temperatures during the life of the oil.

The 0W-20 grade minimises oil hydrodynamic friction allowing improved fuel economy especially when engine is cold.

Environmentally friendly, this oil allows fuel economy improvements while minimising emissions.

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