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847405 - Motul Cooling MOCOOL

Engine Cooling Supplement

Price: $18.25 / Each

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Reduces engine temperatures by 15C (30F)

Outstanding Thermal Exchange


MoCool is highly recommended where overheating is observed or in racing conditions to
decrease engine operating temperatures.

- Some sanctioning bodies do not allow anything other than pure water, if there exists any doubt please check with race officials prior to using MoCool.
Motul cannot be held accountable in any case of disqualifications or penalties while using MoCool inappropriately.

- MoCool does not provide any anti freeze protection.


Reduces operating tempurature by 15C (30F): Improves thermal exchange and engine cooling system efficiency.

Safe for use in all cooling systems... magnesium, aluminium alloys cases, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze systems.

Contains a water pump lubricant to avoid cavitation, anti corrosion.

Rubber and Plastics parts friendly.

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