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817028 - Motul Cleaner Motul Engine Clean

Engine Cleaner Additive for Gasoline and Diesel engines

Price: $10.19 / Each

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MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN is designed to be used in all types of Diesel and Gasoline engines

CLEAN effectively cleans dirtying and clogging which occur in the engine. The removed microparticles are held in suspension which are then evacuated during the oil drain.

MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN provides a perfect lubrication during cleaning process.


Add one can of MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN to the crankcase before changing oil and ...
lower the wear
decrease oil and fuel consumption
restore unifrom compression across all cylinders
decrease emissions
evacuate deposits, varnishes and other combustion residues from problem areas such as
hydraulics lifters or piston grooves and rings
take advantage of fresh oil
increase longevity of catalytic converter and other emissions equipment

Simply add one can of Motul Engine Clean into your crankcase and let idle for 15 minutes. Drain oil and replace filter as usual.

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